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A list of introductory and research articles.

The Ethical Principles of Psychophonetics (MS Word DOC file 99 KB) as PDF file (53 KB)

BIBLIOGRAPHY (1986-2006) (PDF file 33 KB)

Published articles and books about Philophonetics and Psychophonetics counselling and psychotherapy

Introductory Articles

Introduction to Philophonetics-Counselling

Psychophonetics in South Africa (doc 223 KB) as PDF file ( 71 KB)

A Profile of Persephone Institute of Psychophonetics South Africa (doc97 KB) as PDF file (55KB)

Leading South African Professionals' responses to Psychophonetics 2003-2006 (doc 86 KB) as PDF file (40 KB)

Philophonetics-Counselling: A new perspective on clients' experience of past sexual abuse and its application in psychotherapy

Caring for the Child within

Freedom from Stress

Humanising the work place and the 4-fold bottom line (doc - 108 KB) as PDF file (KB)

Tribute to Poetry

Universal Sound

Neither Flesh nor Fleshless: An Object- Relational Study of the Experience of Philophonetics- Counselling (2003)

The Relationship between Colour and Human Functioning (Abstract) (PDF file - 12KB)

Soul Work across the Threshold (doc - 104KB) as PDF file (35KB)

Healing the Spiritual Scar of Abortion (doc - 33KB) as PDF file (9KB)


Neither Flesh nor Fleshless: An Object- Relational Study of the Experience of Philophonetics- Counselling (2003)

The Relationship between Colour and Human Functioning (2004) (PDF file - 12KB)

The Institute of Urban Primary Health Care is pleased to be associated with the pilot research project into the effectiveness of Philophonetics-Counseling with survivors of sexual abuse here in South Africa . This is an area, which continues to haunt every community, particularly the disadvantaged, as the rate of victims continues to grow. We have noted from our experience with health promotion around reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, that the factors that impact on this incidence of abuse also impacts on the spread of HIV/AIDS. They are part of the related issues of power, gender inequalities, and trauma that undermine the dignity of individuals and compromises the victims resolve to protect themselves and their love ones from abuse of any kind. ...

...IUPHC therefore looks forward to this study as having the potential and promise for effective outcomes not only in the healing of victims of sexual abuse, but also victims of violence against women in general. We also look forward to see how, not only professionals but also lay persons who are active in providing care and support for victims of HIV/AIDS and survivors of violence and abuse would be able to use the tools and strategies approaches of philophonetics-Counseling (Psychophonetics) to assist victims to heal themselves and become resilient and empowered in their lives.

Joel Perry, Director of Institute of Urban Primary Health Care (IUPHC), South Africa

(Mission - The mission of IUPHC is to promote the implementation of comprehensive and decentralised primary health care through training, advocacy, monitoring, evaluation and research and thereby contribute to the improvement in health service delivery at a primary level. This includes the development of novel and appropriate models of approaches to health intervention in communities with the view to have these accepted into recognised institutions of training, state and public structures, in South Africa and the SADC Region.)


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The human meeting in the Psychophonetics process can become a sacred opportunity for a higher human potential to be born, transcending culture, gender and race.

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